Busy Bees!


Ms. Coen’s Second Class learned all about the Food Pyramid. We know what foods are good for us and what foods we should eat sparingly. We worked in groups to make our own Food Pyramid and we made a delicious Fruit Smoothie! Yum!


We were very creative in art. We learned all about primary and secondary colours. After that, we mixed colours together and we painted a Colour Wheel.


  “Duilleoga deasa, deasa. Duilleoga deasa buí!”

                autu   aut

Second Class were very active the last few weeks. We played football with Enda and we learned lots of new skills. We also had gymnastics which was a lot of fun!

Something Spooky!

Second Class were very excited about Halloween. We read all about how chocolate is made and afterwards we made our own Chocolate Monsters. They were so tasty!

For art, we created Scary Pumpkins!




Oíche Shamhna Shona!!!oiche

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