Chinese New Year in 2nd Class!


Second Class learned all about China. They worked in pairs, researched different topics and they completed their projects, from the panda to the Terracotta Warriors.




Ms. Coen’s second class had a party on the 5th of February to celebrate Chinese New Year. They ate spring rolls, prawn crackers and wontons. They were delicious!

IMG_0906IMG_0905Ms. Mc Donnell’s class created these colourful dragons.

Dragons are a symbol of power, strength and good luck in China


Ms. Coen’s class created a Chinese New Year calendar. This year we celebrate the year of the pig.

The pig is a symbol of wealth.

IMG_0908IMG_0907Ms. Mc Donnell’s class made these beautiful lanterns from card.

These are used to decorate homes for Chinese New Year.       

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