Category: Second Class


Floating and Sinking

We were learning about floating and sinking in Ms.Hannon’s 2nd Class. As part of science week we carried out some experiments to see which objects could float and which objects would sink. We then...


Autumn is in the Air

The children in Ms.Hannon’s 2nd Class have been learning all about autumn. They went on a Nature walk to see if they could find any signs of autumn and to learn about different trees...


Active in 2nd

As part of Active School’s week, everyone in St. Mary’s took part in ‘Walk and Mile with a Smile’ each morning for a week. Everyone agrees that it was a lot of fun and...


Food Dudes!

Here in St. Mary’s we are taking part in the Food Dudes Healthy Eating Programme. Food Dudes is a programme developed to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables both in school and...


Sailing into Second

We have had such a busy start to 2nd Class in Ms. Hannon’s Room! We have been learning so many new things and can’t wait to learn more. Here is a little video of...


Spring has Sprung

Ms. Hannon’s 2nd Class wrote some acrostic poems to celebrate the arrival of spring. You can read some below.