Science Week 2018

bower science 2

On November 14th, our sixth class were invited to a science event in the Bower Secondary School to celebrate Science Week. When we got there, we were escorted to a hall with many activities including making towers with marshmellows, making shapes on a laptop, a maths triangle, making ice-cream and balancing a small ball with strings. (Joseph Wheatley)

The marshmellow tower games  was very enjoyable. We were intstructed to take our seats in pairs at various tables. On the table, awaited us many strands of raw spaghetti and also numerous marshellows. Our task was to construct a tall tower using the assigned materials. The experiment tested the classes creativity and alsoour knowledge regarding engineering aswell as putting our teamwork up to the test. (Shreyash Shukla)

When we were leaving, we got a bag with a cookie and a sudoku puzzle. Overall, the day was great and we would like to thank the students of The Bower Secondary School and their teachers (Marcel Mazur)

bower sciencebower science 2

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