Principal: Mrs. Travers-Hind

Deputy Principal: Ms. McManus

Secretary: Paula Galvin

Junior Infants: Ms. Curley and Mr. Lennon

Senior Infants: Ms. Carey and Ms. Higgins

First Class: Ms. Waldron and Ms. Lawlor

Second Class: Ms. McDonnell and Ms. Coen

Third Class: Ms. McLoughlin and Ms. Cox

Fourth Class: Mrs. Robbins, Ms. Phillips and Ms. Walsh

Fifth Class: Mrs. Dillon and Mr. Downey

Sixth Class: Mr. Noone, Ms. Browne and Ms. Anderson


SET’s: Mrs. Croughan, Mrs. Clarken, Mrs. Arrigan, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. O. Gallagher,  Mrs. A Gallagher, Ms. Stapleton, Mrs. Harney, Mrs. Burke,  Ms. Brennan, Ms. McDermott, Ms. O’Reilly

SNA’s: Mrs. Fitzgibbon, Mrs. Curley, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. McCormack

Caretaker: Thomas Notonski

Cleaners: Eileen Hogan and Margaret Macken

HSLO: Mrs. Murphy