Active Stations in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have been exercising lots during ‘Active Stations’ every Friday. The aim of this initiative is to get the children moving, active and healthy. St. Mary’s is an Active School and our children are very active. Junior Infants enjoy a range of varying activities throughout the six different stations they engage with every Friday. Each station focus’s on various fundamental movement skills such as walking, hopping, skipping etc. Junior infants have made so much progress already and they really look forward to the fun and games every week.

image1 (2)Junior Infants having fun on the balance beams.



Junior Infants having fun developing the fundamental movement skill of hopping.



The children love completing many different animal movements on the mats – bear crawls, crab walks, slithering snakes, bunny hops and frog jumps to name a few.



We love throwing and catching in Junior Infants! We are getting particularly good at the under arm throw! Their hand/eye coordination has improved well since September.



Junior Infants enjoying fun with hula-hoops practicing and developing pre skipping skills.


Well done Junior Infants! Keep up the great work!

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