Parent Courses & Support

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Parent Courses

As we enter the final few weeks of the first school term of 2021/22, I would like to thank all the parents who have approached me to sign up for the Parent Courses we have run so far this year. We have a Christmas Flower Arranging course running in December in our local ETB, a six-session Healthy Food Made Easy course taking place in our Parent’s Room at school (Six dates in November and December) and a ‘Bread and Soup’ making course in our local ETB on the 17/11/21. If you are interested in any of these courses or if you’d like to attend literacy and numeracy courses please contact me on the phone number/email below for further details.

We are also taking delivery of a Polytunnel to our school which has been funded and supplied by our local ETB. We are seeking parents who have any interest or expertise in horticulture/gardening/vegetable growing to contact us as we will have opportunities to organise courses around these areas in the future.

Parental Support

Please note the posters HappyTalk-Nov-2021-Newsletter DEIS St Marys CK November 21 Webinars Family Learning 2021   attached to this post which outline some parental support available at present.

Please feel free to contact me using the details below should you have any queries regarding courses or if you need support in any area


Kind regards,

Iseult Murphy HSCL

086 8354567

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