All About Me in 2nd Class

We love doing Art in Ms. Hannon’s 2nd Class. In September we did two types of Self Portrait. The first one we just drew ourselves and used oil pastels to colour in the picture. We were learning how to draw lightly and use short pencil strokes.

20161004_162903 20161004_162859 20161004_162850

We found the 2nd type of self portrait very hard! We had to draw the other side of our face! We had to really look at our faces and make sure our eyes, ears, noses etc. were symmetrical. We think they turned out really well 😀

20161109_165221 20161109_165203 20161109_165111 20161109_165129 20161109_204716 20161109_204801 20161109_165001


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