ART Keith Haring – Dance Party

Ms. Mc Loughlin’s  3rd class did art based on the work of Keith Haring.  Keith Haring was an 80’s street artist.  He became famous for his white chalk drawings on black paper in subways.  He used primary colours and bold black outlines.  His art became so famous it went into art galleries.  The prices were so high that he opened up a pop-shop so that people could buy his art on posters, badges, t-shirts and games for cheaper prices.  His artwork captured a lot of movement. His drawings have no faces, mouths or hair.  He drew animals and people of all sorts.  Some say his artwork is inspired by freedom.  He was not like other artists, he did not draw on a canvas he used the city as a big canvas.  His last mural was on the side of a church in Pisa, Italy.  We had great fun recreating Haring’s paintings.  We hope you like them.

by Tia Clancy

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