Class Teachers for School Year 2020-2021

Classes and Teachers for the New School Year 2020-2021

Ms. Curley & Mr. Lennon →  Junior Infant Teachers for new infant starters 2020-2021

Mr. Lennon’s Junior Infants  → going to → Ms. Higgins Senior Infants

Ms. Curley’s Junior Infants  → going to → Ms. Carey Senior Infants

Ms. McDermott’s Senior Infants → going to → Ms. Waldron 1st Class

Ms. Carey’s Senior Infants → going to → Ms. Lawlor 1st Class

Ms. Lawlor’s 1st Class → going to → Ms. McDonnell 2nd  Class *Senior Campus

Ms. Waldron’s 1st Class → going to → Ms. Coen 2nd  Class *Senior Campus

Ms. Coen’s 2nd Class → going to → Ms. McLoughlin 3rd Class

Ms. McDonnell’s 2nd Class → going to → Ms. Cox 3rd Class

Ms. Cox’s 3rd Class → going to → Ms. Phillips 4th Class

Ms. McLoughlin’s 3rd Class → going to → Mrs. Robbins 4th Class

Mr. McHugh’s  3rd Class → going to → New Teacher 4th Class

Mrs. Robbin’s  4th Class → going to → Mrs. Dillon 5th Class

Ms. Phillip’s  4th Class → going to → Mr. Downey 5th Class

Mrs. Murphy’s  5th Class → going to → Mr. Noone 6th Class

Mrs. Dillon’s  5th Class → going to → Ms. Browne 6th Class


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