JEP Showcase Day

JEP Showcase Day by Aditi and Daniel

On Monday 18th of June, Ms. Hannon’s 5th Class went to the RDS in Dublin. We left at 8.15 AM and arrived back at school at 5PM.

When we arrived at the RDS, we got into pairs and went inside. Everyone was setting up their classes stall. After we had set up our stall, we went around to see the other school’s products. Some of our class pupils stayed at the stall to sell the slime, give them the business cards and tell them our journey through all these slimy moments.

After selling the slime, we went out to eat our lunch, and if we had money we could buy pizza, chips, sweets, drinks and other foods. After having our delicious meals, we went back to our stalls and tidied up everything.

Then we headed off to the Auditorium to get awards for the JEP and see magic tricks. There were 6 schools who won awards and a teacher who won €2000. Then we earned medals and we also got cookies!

We enjoyed the Junior Entrepreneur Showcase Day and we hope to do JEP again next year!

Aditi & Daniel

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