Lights, Camel, Action!

Ms. Hannon’s 5th Class performed in their Christmas Play “Lights, Camel, Action – It’s Strictly the Nativity” and what a show it was! The children wowed the audience with singing, dancing and acting!

It was a dazzling dance show, aired by the Bethlehem Broadcasting Company (BBC), featuring a cast of well-known contestants who had travelled to Bethlehem to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

From the wise men and their camels, the beautiful ballerina angels and the innkeepers, to the bright star, her entourage of back-up dancers, the Nazareth townspeople and the shepherds with their mischievous sheep, this 5th class nativity play was fresh, funny and entertaining.

Most importantly, it communicates the special message of Jesus’ birth in a unique and relevant way.

Well done 5th Class!

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