March Madness in 1st Class

In March, First Class really enjoyed a visit from ‘Dogs Trust’. We learned how to take care of our pets, what to feed them and how to be safe near strange dogs. We even got to pet a little visitor that came to see us!

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As part of our surprise Easter Treat, we went to the park for the day. We walked along the new greenway and even brought a little treat with us. We each had a surprise Easter egg waiting for us when we got back! We had great fun!

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Ms.McDonnell’s class made ‘Irish’ hats to celebrate Seactaine na Gaeilge this year. We enjoyed watching 1st class and 2nd class performing their songs and dances. We sang ‘Molly Malone’ as part of Seactaine na Gaeilge assembly.


Here is a picture of some of our Easter Art.


In March, Ms.McDonnell’s class planted Sunflower seeds. After two weeks, they stem started to appear. We had to keep them watered and we put them on the window sill where the sunlight we make they grow and grow!






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