Special visitors to 3rd Class

On 9th April, a very special delivery arrived to St. Mary’s N.S.  – all the way from Inagh Free Range Farm in Co. Clare. The children in Ms. McLoughlin’s 3rd class took charge of 7 eggs in an incubator and waited in anticipation to see how many would hatch!  They learned all about the life cycle of a hen- from the temperature inside the incubator (must be a constant 37 degrees in order for the eggs to hatch) to how long it takes for a chick to develop inside an egg (around 21 days).

We were very lucky as within a few days all the eggs had successfully hatched and the classroom was home to seven very cute but sometimes noisy chicks!
It was wonderful to be able to experience this first-hand and the children loved sharing their knowledge with visiting classes. We were all very sad when the chicks had to return to the farm.
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