Ted and Toby’s weekend adventures!



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Each weekend, a different child in Junior Infants will receive Ted (if in Ms. Curley’s class) or Toby (if in Mr. Lennon’s class). The teddy will spend the weekend with the child at home and can do all the fun and exciting things that the child does. This could be going to the park, visiting neighbours, playing games, shopping or even just relaxing and having a nice weekend at home with the child.

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Then on Monday morning, the child will come back to school with the teddy. The child can tell the class all about their weekend with Ted or Toby. Sometimes we even have pictures on the interactive whiteboard of Teddy’s adventures. This acts as a visual stimulus for the child to discuss the activities of the weekend.

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The aim of this is promote and encourage oral language development. We all look forward to Monday to hear all about Ted and Toby’s adventures each weekend.

Well done Junior Infants for taking such good care of Ted and Toby and minding them each weekend.


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