Term 2 in Rang a Trí

Unfortunately we are all doing our work at home due to the coronavirus but let’s have a look at what we got up to before the school closure!

We played football with Enda. We learned how to solo and handpass the ball.Image-2

We learned how to solo and hand pass

We learned how to solo and hand pass



We played Maths Games. We focused on weight and capacity. We estimated and weighed objects and experimented with the volume to various containers.

Image-8 Image-12 Image-11 file3 (3)file2 (3)


file-1 (6)

We did some samba drumming with Kieran Gallagher. We learned about the different types of percussion instruments such as the tambourim, repinique and agogo bells. We had great fun!

file1-1 (2) file4 (1) file3-1 (2) file2-1 (3) file-2 (2)file1-2 (1)

file3-2 file4-1

As part of Engineers’ Week we visited the library where we built various structures with KNEX. We made bridges, towers, cars, ferris wheels and much more!file-3file1-3

We look forward to when we can all be back together like this again.

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