Tree Day Adventures in 5th Class

Our Trip to Newcastle Woods

By Igor Idzikowski (5th Class)

We went to the woods last Friday (4th October 2018) because it was Tree Day.  When we arrived we met a man with a cool Australian accent (Dale Treadwell), he was our tour guide. He gave us sheets with pictures of leaves and the name of the tree that the leaf comes from below.

As we entered the woods, we came across many beech trees. As we went deeper into the woods we entered a pine region and it was very dark. We came across a stream of water and we had our lunch there. As we continued we came across a pile of fungi then we walked through a narrow path, we came across the stream again.

We went back to the entrance of the woods and we played a game similar to Blindfold Jack but the blindfolded person had to say “bat” and the non-blindfolded people had to say “moth”, after the bat said bat and the Bat had to try to catch the Moths.

We returned to the school after a 2 hour adventure in the woods. It was fun.

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