General Guidelines

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Children will be collected by their teacher from their class line each morning at 9.20 am and brought out to their class line at 2.00 pm/3.00 pm.

Parents are advised that the school has no responsibility for children arriving before 9.20 am or remaining in  the school grounds after official closing time.

We encourage children to be on time. It is a cause of anxiety to children when they are late and their class has already started. Parents are also encouraged to collect their children promptly at home time as children are upset by any delay.

It is essential that you inform your child’s teacher of the names of the adults who may collect your child from school.

When adults other than the recognised parents come to collect  child during the school day, they are requested to sign in the office before collecting the child. The class teacher needs to know who is collecting the younger children. If, for any reason there is a change, it is necessary to inform the Principal or class teacher.

Bus services are available. Please inform your child’s class teacher if your child will be taking the bus.

Children who travel by bus go directly to the area where the buses are waiting. Teachers do not escort children to the buses. This is a private arrangement between parents and bus companies.

Attendance and punctuality are recorded. Please provide a note if your child is absent.

If your child is sick in the morning, you are advised to keep the child at home. It is very upsetting is the child has to leave during school hours because of illness.

Homework is given Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please sign your child’s homework daily.

Healthy eating is promoted in the school. A light lunch is recommended- sandwich, fruit, yogurt and drink. Milk is available in the school. If your child does not drink milk, cartons of juice are recommended.

A small snack (Morning Munch) consisting of sandwiches/fruit/sausages/chicken nuggets etc is provided in school. If you do not wish your child to have this please inform the class teacher.

Flasks, cans or bottles of any kind are not allowed. Chewing gums, crisps, fizzy drinks, sweets, bars are not allowed.

Children do not need expensive lunch boxes. A small plastic lunch box is sufficient.

If you wish to speak with your child’s teacher, feel free to make an appointment outside class time.

Please remember to update mobile phone numbers in the event of you changing your number.

For more information please refer to the General Information section and School policies section