5th Class Eco-Unesco Environmental Project

A group of enthusiastic 5th class pupils have been very busy working on an Eco Unesco Environmental action project.

Please click here to view our project   YEA-Project-Presentation_StMarys-PDF   and click here to hear our song

The environmental issue we have chosen to explore is Energy and more specifically we have decided to act locally. As our objective we have decided to study the protection of our bogs. As a team, we decided on a a variety of actions and although local, we are fully aware of its global dimension also.

We have worked collaboratively and have researched about the energy consumption around the world and researched clean energy sources also. At the same time we have found information about the environmental impact of using turf.

We have prepared several posters with the information gathered and concluded with some good practices towards consuming energy and turf. This will allow us raise environmental awareness on the issue, which will be our main means to achieve our goal. We have also prepared the lyrics of a song (Justin Timberlake: The Man of the Woods) adapting them to messages we found useful for our aim. The information will be displayed in the school and will also be presented, together with the song performance, to our peers, so we can all spread the word.



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