International Day 2016!

On Wednesday 17th February, we held an International Day in our school. We had two assemblies for the senior and junior side. Each class learned about a different country and presented it wonderfully on the day. We had singing, dancing, presenting facts, shows, music and poetry.

Parents kindly came into our school in their stunning traditional clothes. We also had a Best Dressed Competition and there was one winner from each class who got a prize for dressing up so beautifully. The overall winners in both assemblies got a delicious Easter Egg to take home and enjoy.

Our Infant classes also enjoyed our fantastic day by tasting some food from Italy and Greece. Some parents from India also came in to teach the infants songs in Hindi and they performed them for everyone.

Finally, we would like to say that our International Day was a big success and we would like to thank all our teachers and parents for putting on a spectacular show.

We hope that we can do this again soon!

Aimee and Clinton – 6th Class

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