Junior Infants & School Closure



Dear parents,

Enclosed are some activities that your child in Junior Infants can complete over the course of the school closure, if you wish. This is not mandatory but it might be helpful to keep your child engaged to some degree in material we have covered.

Suggested Activities

  1. Continue with homework booklet (1 page per day)
  2. Sounds in Action Book (1 page per day)
  3. Continue reading reader and flash cards every day
  4. Additional reading sheets are included
  5. Home Activities sheet (2/3 per day)


Your children have been working very hard and have made great progress to date, please do not worry as we will have plenty of time on our return to school to continue our learning.

Kind regards, and wishing you all good health.

Many thanks for your continued help and cooperation.

Mr Lennon       Ms Curley



Home Activities 


Play I Spy Clean your bedroom Watch something on Cúla4/TG4 Make your own book Play with some playdough Play in the garden Cut something out
Play Snakes & Ladders (or another board game) Take a GoNoodle break (gonoodle.com) Sort your toys by colour Go on a shape hunt Do a jigsaw Investigate! Do your toys float or sink? Make a pattern
Make some junk art Fold your clothes Make your bed Draw your favourite animal Ask your parents about when they were a child Play shop with money Design a new cover for your favourite book
Make up a new game, use your imagination Help to make lunch or dinner Practice putting your jumper on/off all by yourself Practice zipping up your coat all by yourself Spend some time outside every day Play in the mud Do some colouring
Read a book Do 10 jumping jacks Teach your brothers and sister some animal movements Practice counting groups of objects to 10 Pair your socks Write a shopping list Play snap or another card game
Make an obstacle course Do 10 frog leaps Teach your family some Gaeilge (Irish words) Build something Bake a cake Learn to tie your shoelaces Tidy up after yourself

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