Student Council Attend Focus Group

Amadeea, Purity, Skye, Awab, Abobakr, Ion, Nivid, Vavarra

On Wednesday November 15th, 8 members of the student council attended a focus group held by the Department of Education at the Radisson Blu Hotel!

This focus group was based on the Department’s recent document Cineáltas: Action Plan on Bullying. Cineáltas is centred on a child right’s based approach and provides a collective vision and clear roadmap for how the whole education community and society can work together to prevent and address bullying in our schools.

St Mary’s were one of five schools that attended the focus group. The student council members were grouped with the children from the other schools and worked with a member of the Department on activities that they hope will help bring the contents of Cineáltas into schools across Ireland.

A lovely day was had by all!

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